Saraya Aqaba Resort
Aqaba, Jordan

The Saraya Aqaba Resort master plan provides a detailed and complex infrastructure network comprising of roads, landscaping and marine work solutions to properly service every component of the development.

A technical zone on the outskirts of the development links all proposed infrastructure work, inclusive of water supply, storm water and sewage drainage networks, electrical power distribution, low current networks including triple-play (telephone, satellite TV, Internet), gas distribution network, security CCTV network, basic civil works, street lighting and district cooling and heating.

Landscaping activities include paved areas, public gardens and seaside promenades in addition to urban furniture and signage.

  Location: Aqaba, Jordan
Client: Saraya Holdings
Address: Amman, jordan

  Total land surface area: 495,000 m2
Total built-up area: Area of intervention (site works and lagoon): around 150,000 m2 for common areas, plus 150,000 m2 with individual zones
Total project cost: In excess of USD 85 million (including works in individual zones)
Completion date: 2008

  Services provided: Conceptual design, preliminary design, final design of roads, landscape, infrastructure and marine works