Batroun Wastewater & Water Supply Improvement
Batroun Lebanon
Batroun Wastewater & Water Supply Improvement
Batroun Lebanon
Roads & Infrastructure

The Batroun water supply and waste improvement project covered the rehabilitation, extension and construction of water systems within a 175 km� rural area in the northern caza of Batroun. Other than the installation of 900 m of sewer networks of 350 mm diameter, the project covered the:
- Installation of around 74 km of transmission pipelines
- Installation of around 106 km of distribution pipelines
- Rehabilitation of 56 storage reservoirs and construction of 29 new reservoirs
- Drilling and equipment of 5 boreholes and 5 pumping stations

  Location: Batroun Lebanon
Client: Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR)
Address: Tallet El Serail, Beirut, Lebanon Tel: +961 1 981431

  Total land surface area: 175 km2
Total built-up area: n/a
Total project cost: USD 20.5 million
Completion date: 2002

  Services provided: Supervision of works