Saraya Aqaba Resort
Aqaba Jordan
Roads & Infrastructure

The Saraya Aqaba Resort master plan provides a detailed and complex infrastructure network comprising of roads, landscaping and marine work solutions to properly service every component of the development.

A technical zone on the outskirts of the development links all proposed infrastructure work, inclusive of water supply; storm water and sewage drainage networks; electrical power distribution; low current networks including triple-play (telephone, satellite TV, Internet); gas distribution network; security CCTV network; basic civil works; street lighting; and district cooling and heating.

Roads infrastructure work covered 6 km of roads, ramps and underpass tunnels within the project master plan.

Innovative coastal and marine works were conducted as well with experts in the field to ensure that the man-made lagoon preserves a natural life cycle, helping reinforce the balance of the marine ecosystem, and preserving the safety and success of the overall development.

  Location: Aqaba Jordan
Client: Saudi Oger
Address: Riyadh, KSA

  Total land surface area: 495,000 m2
Total built-up area: Area of intervention (site works and lagoon): around 150,000 m2 for common areas, plus 150,000 m2 with individual zones
Total project cost: In excess of USD 85 million (including works in individual zones)
Completion date: 2008

  Services provided: Conceptual design, preliminary design, final design of roads, landscape, infrastructure and marine works