Shmeissani Interchange
Amman Jordan
Roads & Infrastructure

The Shmeissani interchange will constitute a vital element of the road network for the new Amman Business Central District, as it will be its western gateway, directly leading to the Rafic Hariri Boulevard, and to the Towers sector.

This four-level interchange will connect Naboulsi Street with the Shmeissani district via a 2-way bridge, provide quick access to Queen Nour Street through a second 2-way bridge, in addition to an underground tunnel and at-grade roundabout.

  Location: Amman Jordan
Client: Greater Amman Municipality
Address: Amman, Jordan

  Total land surface area: 65,000 m2
Total built-up area: n/a
Total project cost: Around USD 30 million
Completion date: 2008

  Services provided: Conceptual design, preliminary design, final design, tender documents (roads, structure, landscape, electrical and traffic studies)