Industrial, Residential & Commercial District
Beirut Lebanon
Industrial, Residential & Commercial District
Beirut Lebanon
Master Plan

Affected by years of civil war and internal migration, Beirut's southern and western suburbs suffered from heavy population density, lack of proper infrastructure and haphazard development with large numbers of illegal buildings and tenants. The Elyssar agency was entrusted with the area's rehabilitation and Sabra and Chatila constituted one of the first zones for which a detailed master plan was prepared in which district zones for light industries, shopping areas and residential areas were studied.

The design work took into account housing a community of 35,000 residents and all development stages needed for dealing with both current and anticipated living conditions. Proposed solutions included social, cultural, educational and administrative facilities along with public parks and playgrounds. A primary and secondary roads network of 14 kilometers, a water supply network for domestic, irrigation and fire extinguishing purposes, waste and storm water drainage networks, electrical and telephone networks were also proposed as part of the project master plan.

  Location: Sabra and Chatila Area, Beirut Lebanon
Client: Public Agency for the planning and development of Beirut South-Western Suburbs (Elyssar)
Address: Airport Boulevard, Beirut, Lebanon

  Total land surface area: 850,000 m2
Total built-up area: 560,000 m2
Total project cost: USD 350 million
Completion date: 1998

  Services provided: Master plan of the entire district, detailed studies and tender documents for roads, infrastructure, landscaping, detailed studies and tender documents for the industrial zone and for housing neighborhoods of 8,000 people