Amman Grand Axis
Amman, Jordan
Master Plan

The Amman Grand Axis was proposed to both revitalize the 32-kilometer highway linking
Amman's airport to its city center and ease the pressure of the city's saturated road
networks while promoting an axial urban development moving towards the airport area. The
conceptual design of the project explored transforming this under-developed zone into a
series of successive poles of attraction that would each constitute a city district in
itself. The suggested poles include the Amman Airport Free Zone, the Amman Towers (with
high-rise towers for offices, hotels and exhibition centers), the Amman Business Park (for
the premises of large scale companies), Amman UniverCity (which would serve as an extension
of the existing Amman University), Amman Leisure City (with hotels, resorts, a golf course
and a residential area), Amman Medical City and the Government District (for embassies and
government buildings). Each pole would have been expected to incorporate residential
complexes and commercial centers in a refined landscaped setting to help further develop
each area along the highway.A monorail was also proposed to be the main transit
transportation system linking the successive poles to the Amman airport and its city center.

  Location: Amman, Jordan
Client: Mawared
Address: P.O. Box 927658, Amman 11190, Jordan

  Total land surface area: 2,560 ha
Total built-up area: n/a
Total project cost: n/a
Completion date: n/a

  Services provided: Conceptual design