Marina Shams
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Master Plan

The Abu Dhabi waterfront is due to witness the rise of an urban landmark along its reclaimed
shoreline: Marina Shams. Part of the Loulou Island Master Plan, Marina Shams is an extensive
mixed-use development that includes hotels, offices, residential areas, leisure facilities,
a seaside walk and restaurants alongside a quay.

Laceco was commissioned to review the Marina Shams master plan and propose alternatives to
make the best use of available space. Apartment buildings were accordingly reorganized and
each main function was sited on a specific level to allow maximum exposure to the sea: the
leisure deck at sea level, fine dining facilities and high end boutiques on a higher second
level, and private inland residential zone on a third level.

Direct access from the residential areas to the harbor was proposed to further enhance the
link with the Marina and underground parking was adopted for the entire development. A large
green buffer zone surrounding the internal perimeter of the Marina was also suggested to
shield the inland residential area from the noisy road network nearby.

  Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Client: Horizon Development
Address: 171 Allenby Street, Beirut, Lebanon

  Total land surface area: 71,000 m2
Total built-up area: 500,000 m2 (excluding car parking and mechanical plant)
Total project cost: USD 1 billion
Completion date: n/a

  Services provided: Pre-concept, conceptual master plan