Cap Juby
Tarfaya, Morocco
Master Plan

Cap Juby is an enchanting Moroccan area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, providing a gateway into the Sahara desert. Inspired by the rich history of the area, a whole new city where Andalusia and Morocco meet, emerges from the sand dunes through an extensive master plan, developed for a unique mixed-use development. With residential villas, multiple-star hotels and restaurants, the first phase of the Cap Juby development is a haven of tranquility and luxury where modern and traditional architectural styles harmoniously blend together. The first phase of the Cap Juby project was awarded the first prize in the residential category at the 2008 Cityscape Awards in Abu Dhabi.

  Location: Tarfaya, Morocco
Client: Mint
Address: P.O. Box 927658, Amman, Jordan

  Total land surface area: 500 ha
Total built-up area: 550,000 m2 (excluding car parking and mechanical plant)
Total project cost: USD 1.3 billion
Completion date: 2008

  Services provided: Project strategy, mood and vision, advanced pre-conceptual master plan