Beirut Sports City
Beirut Lebanon
Sport & Leisure

The Beirut Sports City stadium symbolizes the rise of war-torn Lebanon from the ashes and constitutes the architectural equivalent of Lebanese reconstruction efforts. It has successfully placed Lebanon back at the forefront of regional and continental sports with the hosting of the 1997 Pan-Arab games and the 2000 AFC Asian Cup.

A tight reconstruction schedule, coupled with ambitious project specifications further heightened the difficulty of the challenge. The multipurpose Beirut Sports City stadium is 67,000 m2 in size and accommodates more than 50,000 spectators; the 10,430 m2 indoor hall seats 3,300 spectators.

The external works, including landscaping and parking facilities accommodating 2,600 cars, occupy a 50,000 m2 surface area. All utilities are concentrated in a massive 700 m elliptic tunnel with a 3.5 x 3.0m section. In addition to a 10,000 m2 water reservoir, a 7 km water supply and sewage network and 18 km of storm water networks were also executed as part of the project.

  Location: Beirut Lebanon
Client: Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR)
Address: Tallet El Serail, Beirut, Lebanon Tel: +961 1 981431

  Total land surface area: 241,600 m2
Total built-up area: 180,000 m2
Total project cost: USD 112 million
Completion date: 1994

  Services provided: Programming, preliminary design, detailed drawings, tender documents, site supervision for all trades