Greater Beirut Area Sanitary Landfill
Beirut Lebanon
Greater Beirut Area Sanitary Landfill
Beirut Lebanon

The Greater Beirut Sanitary landfill project is part of an integrated solid waste management system that incorporates the design, construction and operation of two sanitary landfills in Naameh and Bsalim. Both sites can accommodate more than 2,000 tons per day of sorted municipal solid wastes collected from the Greater Beirut area. The two landfills are former quarry sites that were restored and designed as contained waste management facilities with a footprint area exceeding 300,000 m2 serving more than 2 million citizens.

The adopted design was developed in accordance with British and other international standards, ensuring the installation of an impermeable composite lining and a full environmental control system including: leachate collection and treatment, landfill gas control, surface water management and monitoring, groundwater and air quality monitoring. A key challenge in the project design was the unconventionally uneven sites selected, as landfill sites are usually flatlands with little to no slope.

Laceco was assigned supervision tasks encompassing design construction and operation phases preparing an EIA for the selected sites; controlling the quantity and quality of the landfilled waste, compliance of design with British codes and standards, supervising and quality controlling construction activities and ensuring an environmentally sound operation of the facilities.

  Location: Naameh and Bsalim, Beirut Lebanon
Client: Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR)
Address: Tallet El Serail, Beirut, Lebanon Tel: +961 1 981431

  Total land surface area: n/a
Total built-up area: n/a
Total project cost: USD 331 million (over 12 years)
Completion date: Ongoing

  Services provided: Supervision of design, construction and operation