Lebanese University Campus, Eddé-Jbeil
Eddé, Jbeil
Lebanese University Campus, Eddé-Jbeil
Eddé, Jbeil
Education, Health & Religious

Perched on a green hill overlooking the historical port of Byblos, and surrounded by a vast expense of vegetation, the Eddé-Jbeil campus will allow around 3900 students to enroll in the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences and the Institute of Sociology.

The campus is built on terraces, with its upper section housing the faculties’ buildings, the sports complex, car park, and technical support. The central administration, cafeteria and library, in the mid-section, are reached through a pedestrian landscaped spine, while the lower section accommodates the lodging facilities and an open air amphitheater.


  Location: Eddé (Jbeil), Lebanon Eddé, Jbeil
Client: Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR)
Address: Talet el-Sarail, Beirut Lebanon

  Total land surface area: 37,730 m²
Total built-up area: 42,130 m²
Total project cost: USD 64.2 million
Completion date: 2015

  Services provided: Site feasibility and pre-conceptual Master plan