Abdali Central Market Place
Amman, Jordan
Mixed Use

The Abdali Central Market Place constitutes another addition to the Amman Business Central District. Acting as a natural continuation of the Boulevard pedestrian promenade, the Abdali Central Market Place links the western high-rise sector of the new downtown with the Civic Pole piazza of the eastern sector. It is a mixed-use development combining elements of residential, leisure, retail and entertainment facilities in an upscale environment.

Designed in accordance with international standards as a modern commercial complex, the Abdali Central Market Place is composed of a low-rise retail and entertainment complex and a high-rise residential tower with health club amenities among others. It is an open commercial space, avoiding a confined architectural approach and fully integrated in theoverall urban fabric of the new downtown. It is also a pedestrian-friendly development that further enriches the urban composition of the Amman Business Central District with its gates, piazzas and streets, rendering it a true oasis in the city.

The Abdali Central Market Place champions sustainability as well, and is one of few architectural projects in the Middle East adopting a sustainable fresh air pre-treatment system. The design takes advantage of Amman's harsh climatic and geological conditions to provide natural air circulation instead of heavy reliance on man-made climate cooling
systems. The underground heat exchangers capture and dissipate heat to or from the ground using the earth's near constant subterranean temperature to warm the piazza in winter and cool it in summer, leading to a significant decrease in the load on air-conditioning systems, reduced fossil fuel usage, electrical costs and lower pollution levels follow as well.

  Location: Amman New Downtown Amman, Jordan
Client: Abdali Mall Company
Address: P.O. Box 5290, Amman 11183, Jordan

  Total land surface area: 32,874 m2
Total built-up area: 233,383 m2 (above ground: 133,383 m2, underground: 100,000 m2)
Total project cost: USD 350 million
Completion date: 2012

  Services provided: Preparation for pre-concept phase, pre-concept phase, conceptual design, preliminary design, preliminary permit, final design, building permit, tender documents, bidding, negotiation and contract award (all trades)