Saraya Aqaba Resort
Aqaba Jordan

The project consisted of the preparation of the environmental studies associated with the
design and construction of an artificial lagoon as part of a touristic development in Aqaba,
Jordan, that comprises residential and touristic accommodations as well as leisure and
commercial developments.

The studies included the following:
- Environmental Impact Assessment study
- Water quality modeling study
- Wave penetration model to evaluate the water circulation within the lagoon
- Temperature modeling

  Location: Aqaba Jordan
Client: Saudi Oger
Address: P.O. Box 1149, Riyadh, KSA

  Total land surface area: 615,000 m2
Total built-up area: n/a
Total project cost: USD 1.1 billion
Completion date: 2007

  Services provided: EIA, Environmental studies; Coordination with ASEZA for the approval of the studies