Khashm Al Aan - Waste Management
Riyadh KSA

Preparation of a solid waste storage and collection plan for a 9.4 million m2 for a new city
built for the officers and soldiers of the Saudi Arabia National Guards in Riyadh as part of
the urban Master plan of the area; this new residential sector will accommodate 5,750 villas
with all associated services for an estimated population of 57,500 capita.

The adopted solid waste management plan was set in accordance with internationally adopted
codes of practice such that it accounts for the development needs of all sectors within the
urban city center while precluding to the extent feasible the use of curbside waste
containers to minimize public nuisance and visual intrusion.

  Location: Riyadh KSA
Client: Saudi Oger
Address: P.O. Box 1149, Riyadh, KSA

  Total land surface area: 26 Mm2
Total built-up area: n/a
Total project cost: USD 2.8 billion
Completion date: 2012

  Services provided: Preparation of a solid waste management plan