Abdali Landscape (Phase 2 & 3)
Amman Jordan

Following the successful development of a new downtown in Amman, the necessity to create an even more enhanced downtown area for the Jordanian capital prompted the local project developer to embark on a northward expansion of the district, incorporating additional parcels located between Queen Nour Street and King Hussein Street in the Greater Amman area.
A detailed master plan was developed for the additional 14-hectare area, laying the ground for an upscale neighborhood inclusive of a 4-hectare central park that unifies the urban composition of the new extension. This parceling plan includes residential, office, hotel and retail space that brings together high-rise towers and open green spaces for residents, workers and visitors to enjoy. The extensive landscape work conducted on the 800 m long and 45 m wide area of the park plays a crucial role as the lungs of the entire urban development.

  Location: Amman New Downtown Amman Jordan
Client: Abdali Investment & Development psc
Address: P.O.Box 925309, Amman 11190, Jordan

  Total land surface area: 146,000 m2
Total built-up area: up to 750,000 m2
Total project cost: USD 35 million
Completion date: 2010

  Services provided: Preliminary design, final design, tender documents, and contract drawings of all landscape and infrastructure studies