Tower 1B
Amman Jordan

Towering over the high-rise sector of the New Amman Business Central District, Tower 1B is the crowning point of the district's architectural composition with its unique circular design and its innovative vertical landscaping. The 200 m high building harbors offices within its podium, leaving room for residential space to occupy the remainder of the rising edifice. The spiral design presents unique viewing perspectives to onlookers and different living experiences for each floor, while the double skin facade provides a cost-efficient alternative to ventilation and cooling. The helical green wall adds to both the esthetic and advanced technical dimension of the building, especially when considering the challenges of plantation and irrigation at such elevations. This green tower soars toward the sky as a modern tree of life, in a country where water scarcity is the challenge of the next generation.

  Location: Amman Business Central District, Amman Jordan
Client: Al Hamad Construction and Development Company LLC
Address: P.O. Box 852097, Amman 11185, Jordan

  Total land surface area: 4,799 m2
Total built-up area: 125,000 m2
Total project cost: USD 220 million (estimated)
Completion date: 2008

  Services provided: Pre-concept, conceptual design and artistic control during preliminary design and final design