Greater Beirut Area Waste Treatment & Composting Facilities
Beirut Lebanon
Greater Beirut Area Waste Treatment & Composting Facilities
Beirut Lebanon

The project addresses the development of an integrated solid waste management system involving three fully operational municipal solid waste facilities for sorting (Karentina and Amroussieh) and composting (Coral). These facilities receive and ultimately dispose of all municipal solid wastes generated in Beirut, its suburbs and Mount Lebanon combined. The warehouse storage facility completes the waste treatment system along with the Naameh and Bsalim sanitary landfills. The supervision of the plant operations involves the following activities:

- Supervision of the daily technical and operational processes on site;
- Updating the Client on all technical solutions adopted or suggested to handle the generated waste;
- Suggesting technical solutions to problems faced;
- Following up on the financial and administrative aspects of the contract;
- Following up on the health and safety procedures implemented on site.

  Location: Beirut Lebanon
Client: Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR)
Address: Tallet El Serail, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 981431

  Waste containment volume: 8.7 million cubic meters
Life span: 13 years
Total built-up area: n/a
Total project cost: USD 370 million (over 12 years)
Completion date: Ongoing

  Services provided: Supervision of plants construction and operation