Zahleh Sanitary Landfill
Zahleh, Lebanon

The Zahleh sanitary landfill project is part of the Solid Waste and Environmental Management Project (SWEMP) that is funded by the World Bank, mandating the construction and operation of 10 controlled landfill sites in various locations across Lebanon. The project includes a sanitary landfill facility, designed and operated in accordance with international standards, and a waste processing facility where recyclable material is separated from the incoming municipal waste stream. The project also consists of excavating and transporting some 220,000 m3 of waste as part of the restoration of an old uncontrolled dump site that was threatening the public health and environment of the area.

The facility, serving the city of Zahleh and its surroundings, was originally designed for a two-year lifespan and a void space capacity of 194,000 m3 The site design was recently modified to expand the landfill lifespan to at least four years with more than 303,000 m3 of void space capacity. The assigned supervision tasks include monitoring the operations of the landfill and waste sorting facilities in addition to the restoration of the old dump site. The design drawings associated with the landfill site expansion were prepared as part of a joint venture with Globex Inc.

  Location: Zahleh, Lebanon
Client: Municipality of Zahleh
Address: Zahleh, Lebanon

  Waste containment volume: 303,000 million cubic meters
Life span: 4 years

Total built-up area:
Total project cost: USD 2.35 million
Completion date: Ongoing

  Services provided: Design of newly added cells, supervision of construction and operation, joint venture with Globex Inc.