Beirut Marina
Beirut Lebanon
Sport & Leisure

The Beirut Marina, destined to act as a major focal point for the Beirut Central District, is located in a prime location that will serve as a docking point for luxury private yachts, an exclusive venue for leisure and dining destinations, and a seaside promenade.

These facilities, previously missing from the Beirut landscape, were part of the design brief of a competition launched by Solidere between six local and international consultants. To ensure that the marina, with its two main quays, the belvedere and the three-story yacht club, would not be isolated from the rest of the city, Laceco had suggested a uni-pole suspension bridge to act as a pedestrian link with the Beirut Central District. The bridge's cables and teak finish complement the overall marine environment.

Laceco's proposal also provided an original solution by using the existing nine meter high breakwater and its concrete structures that conceal the horizon along the north-western rim of the marina, to create a linear cascading water feature driven by wind-powered turbines sitting atop the breakwater. The structure thus evolved from an obstruction to a staging ground for nature's basic elements (water, wind and light) forming an integrated backdrop to the overall development.

  Location: Beirut Central District, Beirut Lebanon
Client: Solidere
Address: Bldg. 149, Saad Zaghloul st., Beirut, Lebanon P.O. Box 119493

  Total land surface area: 22,355 m2
Total built-up area: 28,300 m2
Total project cost: Estimated USD 35 million
Completion date: 2002

  Services provided: Design competition